The Future of Automotive Everything is in Personalization

The April 2017 edition of the SEMA news was recently released. In it was a story on the trends the organization expects to be big in 2017. They go in to much more detail than I will here, so read the full story for more information.

The trends in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry are the same trends that we are seeing across all industries.   People are expecting and demanding personalized experiences and are rewarding those companies that invest in providing those products and services in a personalized way.

Below are outlines of some of the emerging trends metioned in the article:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality:  Your customers want to interact with your brand and products in a personal way.  With Virtual Reality, you can give your customers the opportunity to interact with your business or your products at their leisure.  The most innovative companies will take it even further and allow interactions that would never be possible or practical in reality.
  • 3D Printing:  The ability to print on-demand parts without the need to warehouse products and the capabilities of cost-effectively creating one-off custom parts is going to revolutionize the manufacturing process.  It’s already increased the speed and capabilities of research and development .
  • Custom Finishes:  From vinyl wraps to custom powder coating and hydrographics, customers want personalized choices.   The time where you could offer a couple of colors are gone.

These trends are just the beginning.   The method in which you provide customizations and personalized experiences today (hydrographics, virtual reality, 3D printing etc) may change but customer demands for an experience and product that matches their individual needs is only going to get stronger.

Read SEMA’s 2017 Forecast for more information.