Lessons For Magento From The Automotive Restoration Industry

Magento Appears To Be Promoting “Quick” To Combat Disruption From Below

Magento has recently been promoting a story about a 10-day, start to finish eCommerce build. I’m sure we’ve all heard similar marketing messages about how easy it is to get a store up and running in quick and simple fashion. There are some people in the community that are concerned with the implications of that messaging. Is this going to become a persistent theme that we are going to hear more of or just an edge case? I believe the concern is valid based on my own personal experiences in the automotive restoration market.

Magento is the go-to choice for eCommerce operations that need to granularly control their customer interactions. It’s flexibility is unsurpassed and it’s primary market has been those that need this flexibility and invest in customizing the platform. Although quick and fairly “stock” builds are very possible, the assumption if you are utilizing Magento is that you are looking to build something custom. I am assuming it’s this assumption that Magento is trying to shift in order to combat “disruption from below” with SaaS platforms. However, what are the ramifications of shifting this perception? Continue reading “Lessons For Magento From The Automotive Restoration Industry”