Project 454 Rescue

My brother, Shane, has this awesome GMC K30 4X4 truck.  Unfortunately, the only photo I have of it is covered in snow.   This truck, being a K30 has full 1-ton running gear.   What that means, for those not familiar with GM trucks, is that it has a very strong driveline.

Shane and I share a very similar personality “flaw” in that we tend to overkill everything.  This “flaw” means that the very healty, nearly new, Chevy 350 engine that is in this K30 was just not going to do when a meaty big block 454 is an option.
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It’s Better To Repair Than To Replace

Jessie, aka Montel as he likes to be called on social media, asked me to help him look into a problem he was having with this BMW’s windows. He has a 1992 E36 BMW 325i that suddenly lost the ability to lower or raise all windows and the sunroof.

It sounded like a fuse. However, we checked all the fuses and they all look to be in good order. After a quick “google” on the problem it seems that these BMW’s have a common flaw where a relay used for the “Comfort Control” system in the car suddenly quicks working. The solder on the unit’s circuit board fails and it no longer functions.

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2017 Summit Racing Autorama

Rain rain, go away…. Life got in the way of my original plans to attend the 2017 Summit Racing Autorama on Saturday. Unfortunately, the forecast of rain for Sunday proved all too accurate and it put a damper on most of the outdoor activities and kept attendees away. Despite this set-back, there were still a lot of cool cars and the exhibition space to occupy the few hours I had available.

I am in need of a few parts for the Corrado project that I just began not to mention that I am always looking for ways to market to more Automotive manufacturers so I decided it was worth the two hour trip despite the rain forecast.

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