Two weeks…

As a kid I grew up loving the cars of the 1960s and early 1970s. The styling was incredible and the muscle car wars produced some unbelievable cars.

Growing up a child of the 90’s, even in rural Alabama, the mainstream emergence of gangster rap put the lowrider scene on the map. I was always into cars that were “different”. I prefer the Olds Cutlass to a Camaro. Give me a Buick Grand National over a Corvette. For a teenager in 90’s Alabama, low-riders like Ice Cube’s 1964 Impala in Boyz In the Hood don’t get more “different”. You take a car that long and square and slam it to the ground and it makes quite a striking profile.

I appreciate the quality and work that goes into the traditional lowrider style, but it’s never been my thing. However, the incredible lines on those cars left an impression on me and it had always been my goal to own one.
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