Project 454 Rescue

My brother, Shane, has this awesome GMC K30 4X4 truck.  Unfortunately, the only photo I have of it is covered in snow.   This truck, being a K30 has full 1-ton running gear.   What that means, for those not familiar with GM trucks, is that it has a very strong driveline.

Shane and I share a very similar personality “flaw” in that we tend to overkill everything.  This “flaw” means that the very healty, nearly new, Chevy 350 engine that is in this K30 was just not going to do when a meaty big block 454 is an option.

It was to that end that Shane began his search for a low-mileage 454.  He knew of an old mini-pump firetruck that was sitting at a business out in the country so the hunt began there.   Unfortunately, he really only wanted the engine but the owner wanted to sell the complete truck.

The owner suggested we look at an old motorhome that he had at another location.   That led to the photos you see below where we had to cut the entire front of the motorhome away to get the engine and transmission out. It took the better part of two days to complete the surgery you see.

The engine we found wasn’t just a Chevy 454 with 60,000 miles, but also a Banks Power Pack.   That power pack allowed more air flow into the engine and out of the engine and added about 74 more horsepower and 90 ft/lbs of torque.

The owner of the property that this motorhome was on had a couple of cool dirt track cars in his shop, so I added some photos of those as well.