It’s Better To Repair Than To Replace

Jessie, aka Montel as he likes to be called on social media, asked me to help him look into a problem he was having with this BMW’s windows. He has a 1992 E36 BMW 325i that suddenly lost the ability to lower or raise all windows and the sunroof.

It sounded like a fuse. However, we checked all the fuses and they all look to be in good order. After a quick “google” on the problem it seems that these BMW’s have a common flaw where a relay used for the “Comfort Control” system in the car suddenly quicks working. The solder on the unit’s circuit board fails and it no longer functions.

We took a few pieces out from under the dash to access the relay and were able to remove it with about 15 minutes of work. I popped the cover off and you could see where one of the pin’s on the circuit board had come loose from the board and had cracks in the solder around it.

A cheap solder gun and 5 minutes work reconnecting the pin and it was working as good as new. Unfortunately for Montel, some of his window motors are not working near as well as the Comfort Relay but that’s another problem for another day.

It was the first opportunity I’ve had to show Montel that it’s better to repair something than replace it while also demonstrating how simple it often is to fix a problem if you take your time and do the job right.